I am ERIC "UNKLE" Pigors the creator of TOXICTOONS.

I am a self taught artist with some Schooling .

I went to BRANDES art for a year and a half to learn animation taught by some of the artists at Disney studios.

My art is MY YOUTH!!

What I mean by that is what you see comes from all the stuff I grew up on loving!

Disney, Tex Avery , MAD, PLOP Comics, Wacky Pacs, ODD ROD Stickers, Rat Fink, Frankenberry & Count Chocula, The ADDAMS FAMILY & The MUNSTERS TV SHOWS....and HALLOWEEN time.

I loved animation as a kid, and MAD Magazines humor as you can see in thIs piece I did below for art show at VAN EATON Gallery.

MAD, RAT FINK, WACKY PACS {making fun of stuff and making it a lil more weird and dark.}

Its who I am as an artist.

I really don't like cute bland stuff,and that's whywhile i was working at DISNEY FETURE ANIMATION I always wanted to draw the villian's.

They were more my cup of POISON.

In 1990 I made a film called ,"LET'S CHOP SOO-E!" for a studio run by the legend "MARV NEWLAND" up in  VANCOUVER CANADA.

It aired on MTV'S Liquid Television in the 90's.

{Remember when MTV was cool!]

And my cartoon played in numerous animation festivals. Like this one I designed the poster/flyer for in 1990.

But go back a few years....

In 1987 I designed this PENCIL NECK GEEK CG character for the film TECHNOLOGICAL THREAT by Bill Kroyer.

Bill gave me my very 1st animation job IN 1985  on," THE LEGEND OF ORIN" in 3D.

But the 3d was more like a VIEW MASTER look not 3d of now a days!

It was all hand drawn except space ships that were done cg , and they were printed on cells to be painted.


But TECHNOLOGICAL THREAT was nominated for an OSCAR for best animated short that year!

It was about how technology  taking our Human jobs away from us.

And i sadly watched this happen to me and the 90 % of my 2d brothers and sisters in 2002 as we got laid off to be replaced by CG ANIMATION.

still artists doing cg but an art form replace ours...very sad!

After that i worked on  the horrific CAREBEARS ADVENTURE & JEM....

Talk about TORTURE!!!

But then a ray of light!

THE FAMILY DOG which was directed by BRAD BIRD and designed by TIM BURTON.

Such a fun project!

Then I got hired at WALT DISNEY STUDIOS in 1988 on Oliver & CO.

I was lucky to work at WALT DISNEY studios for 16 years on some of their biggest hits.....Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, Hercules, Tarzan....etc.


I started as an an inbetweener then moved up to a key clean up artist

{we did the final drawings over animators ruffs you see on the screen}

Here is a model sheet of a scene i worked on on LION KING below.

While I was working on ALADDIN I picthed this original idea below i came up with called,"SILLY HILLBILLIES ON MARS" at our Annual," GONG SHOW."

It was bought with 4 other ideas of the 30 pitched at this GONG SHOW.

My favorite film i worked on my 16 years was," Hercules."

Because I worked on the character Hades.

And HERCULES was designed by the legendary artist GERALD SCARFE who did PINK FLOYD'S THE WALL album and animation art. And I looooove PINK FLOYD!

I also did character design on Runaway Brain, and  Treasure Planet.

And the Directors even picked one of my concept designed characters and named it ,"PIGORS" after my last name on the film, "Treasure Planet."

This was the most fun I had the 16 years I worked at WALT DISNEY Feature animation. Because I was allowed to, "be ME, and be CREATIVE."

I drew lot's of funny ideas hoping the movie would be a bit more humorous.

Like this one below showing an alien pirate saying bye to his mom as he boards his ship.He also has her tattooed on his chest.

I incorporated her anchor eyes into his head design, boy what a weird night she had with some sort of alien to create him,

But we all have our charm.

After working at Disney's for 15 straight years, {almost unheard of in the animation industry at the time. It being a seasonal job.}

Disney dissolved the 2d hand drawn division in 2002. And me and my fellow 2d artists said good bye. NOT A GOOD DAY!

I did a few animation jobs after DISNEY'S,

I even went back years later on PRINCESS AND THE FROG and had to draw the cute southern Belle. My first DISNEY girl I worked on.Charlotte was a lot of fun.

But I still prefer VILLIAN'S!'

In 2005 I got to work on this ED EDD AND EDDY'S Boo Haw Haw Halloween special for my friend Danny Antonucci who i had become friends with up at INTERNATIONAL ROCKETSHIP when I did LETS CHOP SOO-E!

It was a lot of fun! And it turned out great! And has played on CARTOON NETWORK every Halloween since it first aired.

I had saved quite a bit of money after Disney's and decided to follow my passion doing my own unEEK art I call... "TOXICTOONS."

I have always been creative and enjoyed thinking up my weird creepy and spooky cute characters. And decided  to make my own merch to sell and try to earn a living.

I started with my 1st TOXICTOONS artbook i self published in 1999. IT'S SOLD OUT, As well as my other books I self Published, "Cobwebs and Vinegar, CRYPTIC ART, DEATHS CASKET ,and various sketchbooks."

I have lots of fans with tattoos of my art, which is fine by me. All I ask is just be sure you go to a professional. I have seen some done very badly which always bugs me because it's on you forever.

My T-SHIRTS are the item my fans love most i make besides my annual TRICK OR TREAT BAG SPECIALS i do every year and sell September 1st and October....they always SELL OUT that month too!

I have masks based on my art created by some of the best sculptors in the SFX Buisness at TRICK OR TREAT STUDIOS.

MEZCO TOYS did a set of my figures called "LETS PLAY IN THE MORGUE" they sometimes pop up on EBAY or AMAZON but can be pricey now since they sold out!

I am currently working on a New book, "WHAT LURKS IN THE ATTIC"  the life and art of Eric"UNKLE" Pigors. It covers my whole life's journey and art so far.

I have done art for bands like Metallica , the Murderdolls, The Ghastly Ones!

Here is James below wearing my shirt on the cover of ROLLING STONE Magazine!

And KIRK wearing one on stage also!

Slash  is a fan as well and has worn my shirts on stage.

Every month for the past 15 years i have done 1- 2 new shirts.

I rarely keep them in stock, and usually only print what you order that month, and move on to new ideas for next months shirts.

So if you see one you like it's best to get by that due date or you may never get one.

My ultimate goal is a HALLOWEEN SPECIAL i have had in my head for the past 18 years stewing.

so with all that said.

I hope you  get some of my merch and always help spread the word with your Fiends!